Does the measurement problem defy objective reality?

measurement problem

“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” – Lord Kelvin Those were the good old times. Newton single-handedly took care of mechanics and discovered gravity. After that, James Clerk Maxwell gave a thorough description of the second fundamental force called, ‘Electromagnetism’. Everything we … Read more

Nature and Symmetry

Nature and Symmetry

People have been searching for the meaning of life for ages. Since time immemorial, when people spent their lives hunting wild animals, there were still some people who drew pictures in caves. People are still searching for the meaning of life like themselves, some are pursuing God and some are practicing science. Today we will … Read more

Model United Nations : A rejuvenating experience

Extremely sorry for being inactive for some time. This month too, I was almost on the edge of not posting but I decided to start writing this almost towards the end of the month and post it by the end of the month. This post will be a personal one and will include information regarding … Read more

Life Cycle of a Star

– Sharika Dhakappa EDITOR’S NOTE Hello, my fellow physicists! It’s time for another story to tell. However, this story is not written by me. As promised, Captain Quanta has returned to all of you with the winning article of Eureka! The reason why I chose this article is because it somehow tells our story. The … Read more

Eureka – A Huge Announcement!


Here it is! The most important announcement for my fellow physicists! Quanta’s here with Eureka!. You may ask what is this all about. So, let’s clear all your doubts. Eureka – A Scientific Article Writing Competition Eureka is an article writing competition conducted by us which allows you to showcase your talents and if you … Read more

Quantum Electrodynamics : A marriage between elegance and precision


Once upon a time, scientists used to be in a dilemma about the nature of light. It started with a debate whether light is a matter or a wave and now we have the most precise theory which mankind has ever produced. An essential marriage between quantum mechanics and classical electromagnetism to create a theory … Read more