An Open Letter To All Readers

It’s time for a small talk. Another personal post by me. I wanted to talk directly to the few who still support my blog. Ever since the day I started this, I had a goal to reach the masses and make the common people appreciate science. To make a statement that people who want to pursue research are not aliens. I love science and I will follow this religion of science till the very end. However, I am really saddened by the gradual worsening of the condition of my views along with the increase in quality of my blog. I don’t even get any comments in any articles.

The situation the world was facing in the form of a virus, depressed me all the time. And now, innocent civilians are dying in a faraway country. As a science enthusiast, things like these really make me upset. I want to write, but no one’s supporting me. An artist needs support from those who love art. Sometimes, I don’t even enjoy writing because no one’s here to check them. So I get more depressed with the performance of my blog. The more I try to improve the appearance of my blog, the more I try to improve my skills, to make my content more friendly, the more I get upset because there’s no result of the continuous effort I put into my work. 

Previously I stopped writing Insight Into Physics which was one of my dream projects because it was something that was experimental and I found it fun. But, no support is given to people who try to make this world a better place. On the contrary, some content which spread negative publicity and which never let’s the reader learn anything new from them, get’s all the publicity in the world. It’s because people enjoy them, despite having no value as an art. I’m putting this straight, I don’t earn basically anything from my blog but I have to spend a certain amount of money from my own pocket to run this blog. And honestly speaking, money is the big factor, if only there were any people who supported social work, who could try to understand the grandeur of science. Just what can I say, things are going out of my limit. So, if anyone is reading this article out there, please help an independent blogger trying to get some good things done.

There’s another internal reason which I would like to share on why I was inactive. The thing is, my last article on November, it was my best article in terms of maturity of scientific writing. Although, the performance was pretty bad. But the thing is, after a very long time, I actually enjoyed writing an article. After writing for a while, there is a certain structure to my writing and I can write any topic with my structure because I have some experience. But the process becomes repetitive, and as an artist, I am not growing. So, even after this bad form, I wanted to write something which would make me feel good, something which is scientifically more mature and it will make me unlearn things from the past and break my entire process of writing articles. It would be hell of a challenge but I would love doing it. So, if anyone of you has made it till here, you would be happy to get some new kind of content in the future if you stick with this project that I’m building. If not, well I can’t stop you. 

Other than that, there were a few external reasons. First of all, I had my semester exams which kept me quite busy so I was not able to concentrate on my blog for some time. And also, I was working on a magazine. Our magazine, ‘Onumonosko’ was published in International Kolkata Book Fair. It is a science magazine and was published as a means to popularize science among the masses. The magazine was mostly in Bengali, though some articles were in English. My own article(short story) was in Bengali. And due to these couple of reasons, I was not able to write on the blog. Now, it’s time to bid adieu and I’m not work so hard formatting this article because no one’s gonna read it anyways. If anyone reads this, I wanna say that you’re the one who keeps me going, who keeps me in this blog. So, Thank You to all my fellow physicists who are still with me in this journey. It’s Captain Quanta, signing off.

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