Chapter 6 – M for Mechanics

Captain yawned and in an uninterested tone spoke out, “I’m so bored out right now.” “Me too, I’m literally struggling to keep all of this in my head.” I answered. “I’m a pretty lazy person, it seems.” “And I’m a pretty layperson.” “That you are, kid.” “Newton must have been some sort of genius.” “Well, … Read more

Chapter 5 – The Laws of Motion

“It’s been quite a break isn’t it ?” asked the old man. “It does seem to be like it. To be honest, the break between your lessons seems to be around a month.” I answered. “Then without further ado, let’s continue!” “Newton’s laws, here I come!” “Where did we leave last time?” “Quantum Mechanics!!!” “I’m … Read more

Chapter – 3: Basic Properties of Sound

Again! The repetition of the sound which made me familiar to the man in front of me and already revealed some exciting details to me about the world around us. The sound of the train which has started it’s journey into the unknown and yet, very familiar world of us. “So, what do you hear … Read more

Chapter 2: Understanding Physics

“Oh! What a pleasant surprise!!” the old man exclaimed.”Looks like it will be fun. At least I’ll have a somewhat familiar face opposite to me to talk to.” he continued.”I will be looking forward to it.” I said. I asked him, “How do you know these things ? ” He replied, “Just a bit of … Read more

Chapter 1: Introduction

AN INSIGHT INTO PHYSICS PREFACE This series is intended for learners who have just started to learn Physics. However, readers of all levels from basic to advanced can read these blogs to experience the fun of learning physics in a unique manner. The main essence of this series is that the chapters are explained in … Read more