Eureka – A Huge Announcement!


Here it is! The most important announcement for my fellow physicists! Quanta’s here with Eureka!. You may ask what is this all about. So, let’s clear all your doubts. Eureka – A Scientific Article Writing Competition Eureka is an article writing competition conducted by us which allows you to showcase your talents and if you … Read more

Anyons : Particles of two dimensions

Anyon : Particles of two dimensions

We all know that our world consists of fundamental particles like protons, electrons and neutrons. The world we see is not actually what it is. There are numerous particles interacting among each other to surprise us with many natural phenomena and it is the work of a physicist to get to the bottom of it.  … Read more

Quantum Electrodynamics : A marriage between elegance and precision


Once upon a time, scientists used to be in a dilemma about the nature of light. It started with a debate whether light is a matter or a wave and now we have the most precise theory which mankind has ever produced. An essential marriage between quantum mechanics and classical electromagnetism to create a theory … Read more

What a theory of everything really means?

Have you ever wondered at the starry night sky and were left amazed by its vastness? Have you thought about how small you are as compared to the Milky Way, let alone the Universe? Have you ever thought about the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the Universe? And, have you ever thought about what is … Read more

Chapter 6 – M for Mechanics

Captain yawned and in an uninterested tone spoke out, “I’m so bored out right now.” “Me too, I’m literally struggling to keep all of this in my head.” I answered. “I’m a pretty lazy person, it seems.” “And I’m a pretty layperson.” “That you are, kid.” “Newton must have been some sort of genius.” “Well, … Read more

Constructor Theory : A new way to define physics

Have you ever considered how to approach physics? What is the actual nature of the subject? Is it only about what will happen and what will not? It is true that everything in this world depends on science. The laws of physics govern nature which take care of all the processes in the world. If … Read more

Nuclear physics for beginners and beyond!

Nuclear Physics is an important field in the domain of physics. However, it can be said that this specific field is something which must be handled with care as it can be both beneficial as well as harmful. Some of you might think that this is atomic physics and it is. Although, this is a … Read more

Chapter 5 – The Laws of Motion

“It’s been quite a break isn’t it ?” asked the old man. “It does seem to be like it. To be honest, the break between your lessons seems to be around a month.” I answered. “Then without further ado, let’s continue!” “Newton’s laws, here I come!” “Where did we leave last time?” “Quantum Mechanics!!!” “I’m … Read more