Eureka! – We have our winners

At last, the day which we have been waiting for is here! Before coming to the results. Let me say something. Thank you to all of you who have made this thing successful. Without you fellow physicists, this would not have been successful. So I really thank everyone involved in any way with the blog from the bottom of my brain(Legends will understand, and if you still can’t do it. You can always become a legend by trying). Now, let’s get going!

We are all searching for something in this big world. This is what sets us apart from other creatures on the earth. The fact that we are curious about the world. Many a time, in history, humans have suffered at the hands of other powerful humans, who tried to suppress them in order to propagate lies and create a new reality based on lies. This group of humans have tried to control other humans, a struggle for power. But we all know the beauty of science and it’s impact on our lives. The most beautiful part is that science is absolute, the objective reality of the Universe, which makes science fundamental. But scientific writing, on the other hand, is subjective and depends from person to person. So, if your article is not the winner, then there’s no need to feel sad as some other judge might have chosen your article to be the best of the lot. But we must all strive to become better, each passing day. After some time, we will be able to see the difference. Despite our differences in tastes, there is something common which binds us together, we are all truth seekers. Finding some kind of truth in our own reality. As long as there are truth seekers in this world, we will always find some way or the other to tell the people our story.

The choice was a really tough one. The top three winners were equally good in their writing. However, we do need to choose a winner as per the rules. But trust me, there were some really good articles submitted to the competition and I, personally learnt a lot by judging them. So without wasting more time, let’s declare our winners!


Lets build up the suspense by start declaring from 3rd to 1st prize winners. By some coincidence, all three winners had written about similar and extremely related topics to each other. The third article was a really informative one and involved some really great facts about our Universe. If you have been reading till here, the third winner already knows by now, I guess. So our third winner is…

Short Note on Big Bang – Kirti Tomar

The second one taught me about Black holes and the writing included something which I could have never done myself, the role of mathematics, which forms an integral part of scientific study. After writing quite a lot of articles, I never included mathematics in them. But this fellow physicist of ours, not only used mathematics but also made us understand the concepts with ease and I respect that. The second winner is…

Black Holes – Ojjas Sharma

And now we come to the first one. I don’t anything personally about any of the participants, but the first winner is one of my subscribers and one who reads my articles and checks my mails every time I post something(we can statistically check which subscriber opens our mails). Before taking your name, I just wanna say, Thank you for the continuous support on my blog. I really appreciate it. Hopefully when I upload your article people will understand that I selected this article without any bias. So, everyone will be learning about stars in the upcoming article which is to be released in March. And the winner is…

Life Cycle of a Star – Sharika Dhakappa

Congratulations to every winner as all of their articles were really good. Your certificates will be sent within this week. We will mail them to you. If anyone didn’t anyone then no need to be sad. The best thing you gain out of this is the experience which will help you later in your life. Stay tuned to the blog for later updates and subscribe to us so we can notify you.


1st prize – Life Cycle of a Star(Sharika Dhakappa)

2nd prize – Black Holes(Ojjas Sharma)

3rd prize – Short Note on Big Bang(Kirti Tomar)

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