Thank you to all fellow physicists!

Hello to everyone who is reading this. This is the tenth post of my blog and my first personal post. After this exciting journey of discovering the reality of the world together, it is time for me to take my time and write this post which I have been thinking to write for a long long time. I have only one thing to say to everyone of you who has supported the blog in any possible way. I can’t say this in my normal blog posts but I really mean it.
Thank you to every budding physicist, science lover, truth seeker, knowledge explorer and everyone. In such a short span of time, we have reached more than 1000 page views. Although my blog is not really that big yet, I am proud of my content and I believe that people love it!
And there is something which you have probably noticed already, the domain. There is no blogspot and we could change it only because of you. At first, I thought I would open this blog as a mere hobby but some people started liking the content very much. So, you are the one who made me take blogging seriously, and I am grateful to you for that.
Another proof is this!
Thank you to all fellow physicists!
We have done it! We are officially ranked 22nd in Top 50 Physics Blogs by Feedspot. This couldn’t have been possible without you, my fellow physicists. You are the motivation which inspires me to create unique content.
This is a double digit special blog and so let’s have some direct communication. And next week, nuclear physics is coming! Just ask me whatever you have mind. This post is about interaction among ourselves. So let’s get to the FAQ session!!!


Q.1 Who are you?
A:My name is Souparno Adhikari, your beloved ‘Captain Quanta’ and I am a normal Indian boy who is curious about the world around him.
Q.2 What is Physics Us?
A: Physics Us is a blog which encourages the understanding of physics regardless of any background and celebrates the universality of science.
Q.3 Why was this blog started?
A: Physics Us is not only a blog. It is an initiative for people who love science and those who are somehow interested in it. Anyone who doesn’t know science is also welcome here. We try to keep our content simple so they can be read by anyone. This blog was started to make basic physics accessible to everyone. It is our mission to educate people and ignite the scientific mindset deep within them.
Q.4 What is the frequency of Physics Us?
A: We post an article every Wednesday and if we can’t do that, we do that on Thursday but never after that. So we have 1 post/week.
Q.5 What is Insight Into Physics?
A: Insight Into Physics is my brainchild. It is my dream project which tries to teach science in a way unknown with the fusion of science and storytelling. It is important to state that this project is inspired from a book, Calculus by L. V. Tarasov which teaches Calculus through dialogues between a student and a teacher. Although Insight Into Physics is different in the way that it uses storytelling rather than using only dialogues as Tarasov did with his book on Calculus.
Q.6 When is an article related to Insight Into Physics posted?
A: We post a new chapter of our unique trademark series, Insight Into Physics every month. It is posted once, on the third week of every month.
Q.7 Why is Insight Into Physics not made into a book?
A: Just as I said before, I am a normal Indian boy and I’m still learning everyday. I am not an actual physicist with a PhD. So, I don’t have the option of publishing Insight Into Physics in a book form until the world can actually call me a physicist. Also, I wanted to share my knowledge with the world, so that everyone can learn physics. To many of us, education is still a luxury but if you can get your hands on internet, you can educate yourself with the help of my blog and many other websites out there.
Q.8 Is the information from Physics Us valid?
A: I may not be a physicist according to the world but that doesn’t mean my information is wrong. Before posting, I thoroughly check the validity of my articles and make sure that they do not convey any wrong interpretation of the physical world. I have a friend who always helps me double check my articles and always gives me constructive feedback to help my posts succeed!
Q.9 Is there anything in Physics Us other than Insight Into Physics?
A: Yes, of course! We also have original, high quality traditional blog posts on physics. We make sure that physicists from all levels of knowledge are satisfied with the content of our blog.
Q.10 How can contact with us?
A: You can send us an email at

If you have any more questions, then you may ask them here or email us at our address. I hope that I have made myself clear regarding these questions. So, I bid goodbye to all my fellow physicists for now. See you all on the next week!

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