Eureka – A Huge Announcement!

Here it is! The most important announcement for my fellow physicists! Quanta’s here with Eureka!. You may ask what is this all about. So, let’s clear all your doubts.

Eureka – A Scientific Article Writing Competition

Eureka is an article writing competition conducted by us which allows you to showcase your talents and if you are talented enough to become a winner, then your article will get published by us. Also, top 3 winners will get a certificate sent to their emails. Are you ready to become the next popular scientific writer? Then let’s get to the rules!


  1. The article should be related to science.
  2. It should be original.
  3. It should be written in English.
  4. Article should be easy to read and be understood by laymen.
  5. Should preferably be around 1000 words. Can also write more than that if you like and a bit less but this is less of a rule and more like a guideline.


  1. The best article will get published on our blog.
  2. The top three winners will get an e-certificate.

Click here to participate. Also share this news with your friends who might want to participate.

The articles will be judged by Captain Quanta on various parameters like style of writing, content formatting, ease of understanding, explanation of concept and overall writing.

To participate, fill up this google form within the stipulated time given below.


Registration starts : 12th January, 2021

Registration ends : 31st January, 2021

Results published : 14th February, 2021

Subscriber’s choice awards

There will also be a subscriber’s choice award where the subscribers will vote the best articles according to them. A separate registration link will be provided to the subscribers by mail at a later time.


  1. The required person should be a subscriber.
  2. They must not participate in the article writing competition if they want to vote in the subscriber’s choice awards.

You can become a subscriber by following this link here!

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