Constructor Theory : A new way to define physics

Have you ever considered how to approach physics? What is the actual nature of the subject? Is it only about what will happen and what will not?   It is true that everything in this world depends on science. The laws of physics govern nature which take care of all the processes in the world. … Read more

Nuclear physics for beginners and beyond!

Nuclear Physics is an important field in the domain of physics. However, it can be said that this specific field is something which must be handled with care as it can be both beneficial as well as harmful. Some of you might think that this is atomic physics and it is. Although, this is a … Read more

Chapter 5 – The Laws of Motion

“It’s been quite a break isn’t it ?” asked the old man. “It does seem to be like it. To be honest, the break between your lessons seems to be around a month.” I answered. “Then without further ado, let’s continue!” “Newton’s laws, here I come!” “Where did we leave last time?” “Quantum Mechanics!!!” “I’m … Read more

Gravity – The mysterious fundamental force


Introduction For many years, we have heard of the force, ‘gravity’. In fact, it is the oldest known fundamental force out of the four (others being Electromagnetic force, Strong nuclear force and Weak nuclear force). Despite that, there are still some mysteries regarding gravity in the world of physics. It can be undoubtedly said that … Read more

Chandrasekhar-the Indian discoverer of black hole

INTRODUCTION Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was an Indian-American astrophysicist, born on 19th October, 1910, who won the Nobel Prize in 1983 along with William A. Fowler for his theoretical ventures to the importance of physical processes regarding the structure and evolution of stars. He was also the nephew of another Nobel Prize winning Indian physicist, C. V. … Read more

Chapter – 3: Basic Properties of Sound

Again! The repetition of the sound which made me familiar to the man in front of me and already revealed some exciting details to me about the world around us. The sound of the train which has started it’s journey into the unknown and yet, very familiar world of us. “So, what do you hear … Read more

Chapter 2: Understanding Physics

“Oh! What a pleasant surprise!!” the old man exclaimed.”Looks like it will be fun. At least I’ll have a somewhat familiar face opposite to me to talk to.” he continued.”I will be looking forward to it.” I said. I asked him, “How do you know these things ? ” He replied, “Just a bit of … Read more