The Search For Asteroids

Here I am, after quite a long time. This is my 2nd personal blog post and hence, it is to be set in a conversational tone. A short blog to make everyone remember that I am here and I haven’t forgotten about writing the blog. As per the title of the blog, you can somewhat guess what I am gonna write. It is related to the reason for my absence. So without much haste, let’s start!


Have you ever thought of the vastness of the cosmos? The Universe is basically expanding so big is getting bigger and if you have ever wondered what’s beyond the horizon of the sky we look at every night, a sky full of stars. Have you ever wanted to know what’s out there into the vastness of the Universe? Do you like watching the stars and just fly up there through your imagination and explore everything? If the answer’s yes, then you are just as curious as me and as curious as thousands out there and it might also be comparable to some extraterrestrial life if we ever found them out or vice versa and we found that their level of intelligence is enough to understand these curious emotions which humans such as us are born with.


Now I have given the premise, let me give you a short answer as to why am I writing this blog after such a long time. The simple answer is the passion for discovery. Now, coming to your questions. Just bear with me to the end.


Some of you might have already successfully guessed with all the information I have given and even if you haven’t, believe me even I couldn’t have done that. Coming to the point of my absence, it is extremely important for me to make an appeal to you considering the absolute vastness of the Universe. There are many many interesting objects in the Universe like the stars, planets, planetoids, comets and asteroids. Just wonder if you can discover one of them and get the chance to name them. Some object flying in the interstellar space which has your name on it.


This particular feeling was the reason I had to limit myself for now. I will definitely make a comeback but I cannot promise consistent blogs for a few weeks. Although I will try my best. Coming to the point, I have been selected in AIASC. Now, if you don’t know about it then let me tell you. AIASC stands for All India Asteroid Search Campaign. I submitted an application to them along with a friend of mine and our team got selected in the Campaign. The Campaign will be there for around a month and they will send us data from a telescope situated in Hawaii, USA.
We have to find asteroids from the images given to us and send them a report. If we successfully find an asteroid, we get a preliminary discovery. There are some criterions of being an asteroid. If they are successfully fulfilled, we can send them a report about a new asteroid. Even if there aren’t any new asteroids, the reports are important as they are used by NASA. Once, we get a preliminary discovery, they tend to look for that asteroid for 7 days and verify the discovery and then we get a provisional discovery. The orbit of that asteroid is measured for a minimum of six years and then we get a numbered asteroid.


So, that was it for this post. I know it was short but I’ll try my best to write these days. It’s been pretty rough lately and I hope that you will understand why I couldn’t write for some time. Anyways, talk to you in the next post.

Check the official website of AIASC here!

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